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    Just another site

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    -jeangilot-wordpress-com.wbb-fm-radio-live-88-7-941-257-8896-prayer-is-one-of-the-best-free-gifts-we-receive-thWELCOME WB&B FM RADIO LIVE 88.7-95.5 NORTH PORT FLORIDA 941-257-8896-941-429-8336-1-712-432-8046

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    I will practice love, because lack of love will block the way. I will try to see good in all people, those I like and also those who fret me and go against the grain. They are all children of God. I will try to give love, otherwise how can I dwell in God’s spirit, whence nothing unloving can come? I will try to get along with all people, because the more love I give away, the more I will have.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may do all I can to love others, in spite of their many faults. I pray that as I love, so will I be loved.

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    Post a Prayer Request

    Many people have a wavering faith in the power of prayer and for that reason, they never really experience the true miracles that prayer can bring.

    Today, IF you have faith – you need to post a prayer request. Ask for what is missing in your life, what could make your life better, what could heal, what could restore.. Show God that your faith is strong and does not waver.

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    Welcome to WB&B FM LIVE Internet Radio! Our hope is that as you browse our website, you will get to see what WB&B is all about. If you are searching for a deep and challenging knowledge of God, then Internet Radio is a great place for you! God has a great plan for your life, and He will help you reach the maximum potential in your life, if you’ll let go and let God.

    At RADIO WB&B Internet Radio we are experiencing the complete life that Jesus promised (John 10:10) as we become conquerors in every area of life. God wants the same for you! He created you for a specific purpose, and we would love to help you realize the great things God has in store for you. This site is a small contribution to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using music, sermons, prayer and Christian documentaries. Take time to browse the site, but if you have any questions, please call or e-mail us. [email protected]

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